Ini Translation Utility
for All Windows Platforms
Ini Translation Utility
Ini Translation Utility is a very useful program, used to translate and maintain translated .ini compliant language files, used by the major part of multilanguage programs on the internet.
You can use this program for translating our programs or any other program which uses text translation files.
It is also compatible with the free setup creator program
Inno Setup.
Ini Translation Utility 3.1.34

Win 32 Setup (1200 Kb)

Version 3.1.34 - Feb 10, 2011
- Some fixes and new unicode library

Version 3.1.17 - Jun 17, 2010
- Enhanced the speed when searching for untranslated duplicates

Version 3.1.10 - Jan 01, 2009
- Enhanced the Unicode support

Version 3.1.7 - Mar 25, 2008
- Ability to specify the two files from the command line

Version 3.1 - Nov 03, 2007
- Enhanced the ability to load files without sections
- Portable on Windows 2000+ systems (just copy the installation folder and enjoy ;-))

Version 3.0 - Sep 14, 2007
- Ability to load UTF8/UTF16/ANSI file
- Ability to manage large files (up to a 5 Mb)
- Ability to manage files without sections (see the .ini file structure on the internet)
- Ability to remove a translation
- Ability to save blank spaces into translations
How to use the program

In order to use this program you need only the file to translate; for our programs it is called 'english.lng'. Choose this file for the text field 'Main File'.

Then you can choose three options:
• Create a new empty translation file;
• Create a new translation file by creating a copy of the 'Main File' so many sentences maybe are already translated ;-)
• Maintain an already created language file by choosing the 'Open the file to translate' item from the File menu;

Your language file should be called something like 'yourlanguage' so it is called 'italiano' for the italian people, 'dutch' for dutch people and so on.

After this operation the program loads the list and compares every sentence of the 'Main File' with the relative phrase of the 'Translated File' highlighting the untranslated ones.

Simply press the F3 button to go directly to the next sentence to translate and double click (or press Enter) to edit the translation.

When you've finished translating all the highlighted sentences you can save your changes to the file.

This program has the ability to use an ANSI or UNICODE translation file automatically basing it on the character set used when translating.

If you are using this program for translating Dynamic HTML Editor or 9Desks send these files to me so I can include them in the installation package and you'll obtain a free registration code ;-)
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