Acer Aspire One Temperature, Aspire One Fan Control

Acer Aspire One Temperature Monitor and Fan Control
Version 0.4 for Win 2000/XP/Vista/Win2003+
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(Sep 01, 2008) Some days ago my wife Romina gave me a gift for my birthday; an Acer Aspire One A0A150 sub-notebook with 1 Gb of RAM memory and 120 Gb of Hard-Disk space with Windows XP home edition; a very nice toy ;-)
I found an utility on some forums that permits me to see and control the temperature and the internal fan of this nice tool; this utility is freeware but there aren't sources.

Below some useful links I found:

The "" file contains the secrets for the Temperature Monitor and for the Fan Control program.
I translated the perl program to a VB6 module changing the functions a bit because they don't work in my system.

So in a few days I made this nice utility and I released it as Open Source (until version 0.2, I don't like people who use my sources to enhance their closed-source programs);
if you know Visual Basic 6 you'll be able to modify it as you want; if you want ;-)

The VB6 source uses the
TVICPORT freeware library from EnTech Taiwan to read and write data to System Ports.
Before using the program you MUST install this library. The translated perl code has been put in the
modAcerAspireOne.bas module.

Alternatively to
TVICPORT you can use the WinIO library by Yariv Kaplan; the only change you have to make in the VB6 source code is in functions GetPortVal and SetPortVal.

All graphical resources have been made with my
Dynamic HTML Editor program that has basic vector graphic capabilities. The source of graphical images are in the AcerAspireOne.dhe file.

The project contains also a "mini" (more lightweight) version that I actually use instead of the full version ;-)
History & Features:

Version 0.4 - Nov 18, 2008

• Added resume support when resuming Windows from standby or hibernation
• Added ACPI patch and unpatch support (
when reading temperature from the EC embedded controller, Windows logs an error to the system event viewer; simply execute the patch when requested by the program to avoid this)
• Added a two-degrees interval when starting/stopping the fan so actually it starts/stops less times

Version 0.3 - Oct 07, 2008

• Fixed the support for Slow Fan Mode
(this mode doesn't exists, the Aspire One automatically set the fan to 1, 2, or 3 when needed)
• Enhanced the tray icon management, now it displays the temperature

Version 0.2 - Oct 01, 2008
• Support for BIOS 3114 and 3304
• Support for slow fan mode (automatic)
• Checks for Acer Aspire One PC
• Support for the Fahrenheit scale

Version 0.1 - Sep 2008
• Autostart with Windows
• Tray area control
• Temperature monitor
• Fan control (deactivable)
• Shows the fan state (active, inactive)
• CPU Temperature graph
• Docked window
How it works

Simply execute the program, full or mini version, and:
- act on the main window to change settings.
- right click over the tray icon to setup options
- left click on the tray icon to hide/show the main window

The program checks the actual CPU temperature and if the fan management is active, it manages the fan accordingly to the fan value.

I suggest you to set the fan value from 50 to 60 celsius degrees; remember that also if the N270 CPU supports 90 celsius degrees the Aspire One contains many other components that may burn with wrong settings.
AspireOneTemp Monitor 0.4

Use this software at your own risk!
Wrong settings may damage your computer!
Use this program only on Acer Aspire One notebook!

Version 0.4 Binaries (100 Kb)
Version 0.2 Source Code (400 Kb)

This project has been abandoned because I sold my NetBook and I cannot give any assistance.
If you encounter problems you can fix them by yourself as you have the sources.
Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide. All rights reserved.
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Acer Aspire One Temperature, Aspire One Fan Control