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Version 1.x for All Windows Platforms
9Desks - Virtual Desktops
9Desks is a program that permits you to have up to nine virtual desktops for better applications management.

This means that you can work in a more clean environment dividing active applications in more desktops.

9Desks contains many advanced features like rules for starting applications, password for desktops, Active Desktop management, Themes support, Applications Recovery and it is more compatible with third party applications.
Major Features

• Nine different customizable desktops

Each desktop can have a custom name, custom wallpaper, custom password for accessing it; it's also possible to hide applications running in a certain desktop to other desktops

• Hot-keys support
It's possible to use Hot-Keys for fast desktop switching (and for fast application moving) and temporaly disable them (very useful if you have to run a game that needs the same combination of hot-keys used by 9Desks).

• It maintains the taskbar button order
When the program autostarts with Windows it is able to maintain the taskbar button order

• Fast application switching

• Ability to move applications among desktops

• It's compatible with all Windows versions

• Password protection
It's possible to protect the program (and desktop) options and unloading by setting a global password

• Rules for applications
You can create rules for starting application which with you can move, minimize, maximize, kill or make transparent applications (transparency requires Win 2000/XP). You can also tell 9Desks to ignore some applications that must be always visible, very useful when you're using programs that (for example) change the default shell (explorer) to another. This guarantee 9Desks to be compatible with all systems and all configurations!

• It maintains the applications focus between desktops

• Multilanguage and UNICODE support

• Tray Icon Recovery
Some time the Windows shell (also know as Program Manager) crashes and some icons in the tray area disappear while relative applications continue to work; in this case you lose the 9Desks tray icon. You can restore the application icon by simply relauch the program!

• Application recovery
If for any circumstance the program hangs up, simply relauch it in order to recover all applications!

• Themes support

• Compatible with many applications
It's compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher that has a very strange behavior; it tries to kill all windows that are in other desktops!
9Desks blocks windows that want to change desktop automatically.
9Desks - Virtual Desktops
9Desks 1.8 Multilanguage

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enhanced virtual desktops, 9desks, virtual desktops, desktop manager, multi desktops