How to embed a Google Map into
Dynamic HTML Editor
(The Best Way)
1) go to and login into your gmail account
2) write an address and search it on the map
3) choose the resolution of the map by acting on it with the mouse (click also over + or - buttons)

4) obtain the link to the map by clicking "Collegamento a questa pagina", in english should be something like to "
Link to this map"
5) Copy the second text field, the one which starts with "<iframe"

6) In Dynamic HTML Editor (
at least version 4.1.12) choose a Generic IFrame Object and press OK without chosing an attachment.
7) Click over the Generic IFRAME object and paste the code copied from the Google site
8) Change width="xxx" and height="xxx" to width="$WIDTH" and height="$HEIGHT" (see the help on generic objects)
9) Resize the Generic object as you want and enjoy ;-)
See the result below.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa