Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

ctlUniGrid.SetCurrCellPicture Method

Sets the picture for the cell in the given column on the current row

Public Sub SetCurrCellPicture (ByRef vColKey As Variant, _
Optional ByRef oPic As StdPicture = Nothing, _
Optional ByRef bPicTransparent As Variant, _
Optional ByRef bPicGrayed As Variant, _
Optional ByRef lPicXTransp As Variant, _
Optional ByRef lPicYTransp As Variant, _
Optional ByRef lPicTranspColor As Variant)
Parameter Description
ByRef vColKey As Variant The column key or index
Optional ByRef oPic As StdPicture = Nothing The new picture
Optional ByRef bPicTransparent As Variant The picture transparency
Optional ByRef bPicGrayed As Variant The gray flag
Optional ByRef lPicXTransp As Variant The transparency X coordinate
Optional ByRef lPicYTransp As Variant The transparency Y coordinate
Optional ByRef lPicTranspColor As Variant The transparent color