Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

ctlUniComboImageXP.OnOwnerDraw Event

Raised when an item is about to be drawn. Change properties of this event for translating items
at runtime or assign icons to items. This event is called the first time for measuring the item
then every time the item needs to be refreshed

Public Event OnOwnerDraw (ByVal lItemIndex As Long,
ByRef sItemText As String,
ByRef oItemPic As StdPicture,
ByRef iItemPicWidth As Integer,
ByRef iItemPicHeight As Integer,
ByRef bItemPicTransp As Boolean)
Parameter Description
ByVal lItemIndex As Long The item index
ByRef sItemText As String (IN/OUT) The item text
ByRef oItemPic As StdPicture (IN/OUT) The item pic
ByRef iItemPicWidth As Integer (IN/OUT) The item pic width
ByRef iItemPicHeight As Integer (IN/OUT) The item pic height
ByRef bItemPicTransp As Boolean (IN/OUT) The item pic transparency (if Transparent, the pixel at coordinates 0,0 will be treated as transparent)