Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

ctlUniComboImageXP.ListTag Property

Gets or sets the Tag associated with a certain list item

Public Property Get ListTag (ByVal Index As Long) As Variant
Public Property Let ListTag (ByVal Index As Long, _
ByRef NewTag As Variant)
Parameter Description
ByVal Index As Long The item to use
ByRef NewTag As Variant The tag to assign
Private Sub Form_Load()
With ctlUniComboImageXP1
.AddItem "1st element", , MDIForm1.puGetPic(egii_help)
.AddItem "&2nd element", , MDIForm1.puGetPic(egii_x)
.AddItem oIni.ReadString("test", "arabic", "arabic"), , MDIForm1.puGetPic(egii_help)
.AddItem oIni.ReadString("test", "arabic1", "arabic1"), , MDIForm1.puGetPic(egii_big)
.AddItem oIni.ReadString("test", "arabic2", "arabic2")
.ListIndex = 2
End With
End Sub


'Check if the tag is an object
If IsObject(ctlUniComboImageXP1.ListTag(lItemIndex)) Then
Set oItemPic = ctlUniComboImageXP1.ListTag(lItemIndex)
End If