Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 - Version 4

clsCommonWrapper.RenderPicture Method

Draws the specified picture to a Device Context; supports also 32 bit alpha images

Public Sub RenderPicture (ByRef oPic As StdPicture, _
ByVal lDestDC As Long, _
Optional ByVal destX As Long, _
Optional ByVal destY As Long, _
Optional ByVal destWidth As Long, _
Optional ByVal destHeight As Long)
Parameter Description
ByRef oPic As StdPicture Picture to draw
ByVal lDestDC As Long The destination Device Context
Optional ByVal destX As Long Destination upper left coordinate
Optional ByVal destY As Long Destination top coordinate
Optional ByVal destWidth As Long Destination image width
Optional ByVal destHeight As Long Destination image height
Check also the [OverlapImageRect] function